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Who Uses Scrubber for Teams?

To name a few: Division 1 athletic teams, businesses, colleges, career development offices, college counselor offices, high schools, unions, and startups can use Scrubber for Teams.

If you would like peace of mind that everyone on your team has a clean social history, sign up for Scrubber for Teams today.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Scrubber?


For a more detailed explanation of what Scrubber does for individuals, check out our homepage.

What exactly do I get when I signup for Scrubber for Teams


You'll give us a credit card to prepay for your team members, then you'll upload their email addresses. We'll send them an invitation on your behalf. You will not get to see data from their report, but you will know who has opened the email, and who has ran a report.


How much does Scrubber for Teams cost?


We charge $15 per member with add-on features available and the ability to respond to custom requests for an additional fee.

What payment options do you accept?


We take credit cards, checks, wire transfers and Bitcoin.

About us

Need help? Email us at support [at] scrubber [dot] social

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