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1. Connect your accounts

Start by connecting your social accounts. You need to give us access so we can scan through the content. We never share/sell/loan/give your data to anyone. We also don't store anything except for posts we flag.

2. Run your report

Your report will take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on how many networks you connect and how far back your histories go. You can watch the progress bar, or you can leave and get an email when we're done.

3. Clean up!

Go through your report and see what we've found. We identify profanity, mentions of drugs or alcohol, check-ins at strip clubs, and questionable words. We also use state of the art machine learning to identify NSFW images.

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$19 for 30 days
$9/month after that

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Get full access to Scrubber for 30 days for just $19.

After 30 days, you will be charged $9/month for continued monitoring and access to Scrubber. We'll re-run your report automatically as we upgrade our technology.

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$250 - $10,000+

Want to buy Scrubber for your business, organization, university, school, Greek organization, or sports team?

Whether or team is 10 people or 10,000, we can help. Our customers include Division 1 sports teams, businesses, and political organizations.

Contact us and we'll get back to you within 2 business days!


"Your feeds get flagged for NSFW content, alcoholic-type activities, profanity, Vegas, and strip clubs. It also weighs your bad social media behavior against your friends. Seriously, it's a great reality check."

"After scouring your connected feeds, Srubber presents you with a handy report card for action."

I’m sure everyone has some potentially incriminating posts somewhere on-line that they’re not going to want employers to see. Scrubber is an application that automates the process to find and remove those posts.

Erase bad stuff. Scrubber [...] will flag unflattering social posts. (Remember that tailgate party in Ann Arbor?)


Does Scrubber have people looking at my social media posts?

No. We have proprietary software that scans through your social media posts and automatically flags posts when certain criteria are met.

Does this cost money?

Our basic "Report Card" service is free. You can create an account, connected your social networks, and get the Report Card for free. Once you see a high level overview and a preview of what we've found, you optionally upgrade to our Premium service if there are posts you want to clean up.

How does Scrubber make money?

Users that get our free report card and want to know more can upgrade to our premium service.

Does Scrubber delete posts off my social media?

No. Scrubber only finds posts that we think might questionable. Once we find them, we flag them and display them for you to review. Once you click over to the posts, you can decide how to act. You can delete the post if you created it, untag yourself if you didn't create it, or you can ask the poster to take it down.








I built Scrubber after coming across a ton of old Facebook posts from college. These posts weren't necessarily offensive, but they painted a picture that did not reflect the person I've become in the years since.

Scrubber isn't about political correctness, nor is it about censorship. It is simply a way to clean up your social media history to ensure you're putting your best foot forward.

I hope Scrubber helps you out. Please give it a shot and let me know what you think. You can reach me by emailing ryan [at] scrubber [dot] social.

Ryan Angilly

Founder & CEO of Scrubber


Scrubber helps you ensure you're putting your best foot forward on social media. We are based in colorful Colorado, USA!

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